Welcome to Palaya Eco-Natural Farm

Experience nature at its best. At Palaya Natural Farm, you get a taste of the sweetest, the freshest, and the greenest gifts of nature. We invite you to come and explore the life-giving treasures planted on this hidden patch of heaven in Tanay!

Our vision is to be the largest Pitahaya (Dragon Fruit) plantation in the Philippines and be able to provide decent livelihood to 500+ families within the communities surrounding Palaya Farm.

Palaya Produce


The Greenest

We guarantee that our products are the greenest of greens. Palaya Farm is strategically located in Tanay, Rizal where the soil is perfect for planting and the weather is suitable for growing a wide variety of crops any time of the year.


The Sweetest

We guarantee that Palaya farmers make sure that the seeds and seedlings are planted in good soil and is being monitored and taken care of by our dedicated and knowledgeable farmers, therefore producing healthy and sweet fruits. Many have testified and proven how sweet our fruits and vegetables are. Come and taste for yourself!


The Freshest

We guarantee that every crop and fruit is harvested at its freshest. No artificial, commercial, and harmful pesticides are used because Palaya only uses organic and natural materials to ensure the crops’ health and freshness.

Dragon Fruit

Palaya Natural Farm has over 36,000 Pitahaya (Dragon Fruit) posts planted on its wide slopes and fields. Each post can produce 40-50 kilos of fruit each year. As its vision, Palaya aims to be the leading Pitahaya producer and distributor in the
Philippines by 2020.


Our Story

  • Palaya Natural Farm is a 66-hectare farmland located at Barangay Cayabu, Tanay Rizal, Philippines. It is dedicated for agricultural production of Pitahaya (Dragon Fruit), together with a variety of other fruits and vegetables, trees, while a small portion will be devoted to setting up piggery, cattle and poultry establishments and other activites.
  • The farm uses natural farming protocols (zero chemicals). We only use natural fertilizers from indigenous materials, fermented plant and fruit sprays, and will cultivate the land using natural soil treatments. Through this natural farming method, we forego expenses on commercial fertilizers for plants and feeds for livestocks, therefore increasing output and profit.

Become a Contributor

Palaya Farm is opening its doors to people who like to share in its advocacies. Our mission is to enrich the families in the surrounding towns of Palaya by providing decent livelihood and outreaches. It is our vision that by being good stewards of our natural and human resources that we can achieve real inclusive growth.

We invite you to become a part of Palaya Eco-Natural Farm’s
Pitahaya Contributor Program
because we want to extend the privilege of sowing hope and dignity
to the families in our community.

Please send us your details by filling up the form below.

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