Pitahaya Contributor Program

Do you like the idea of earning a lucrative passive income through farming?

Then we invite you to take a look at Palaya Natural Farm’s Pitahaya Contributor Program. Imagine having your own Pitahaya Plantation that is 100% Fully Managed where we do the Planting, Nurturing, Harvesting and Selling for you.

This agri-venture easily outperforms a rental property. 

Each year, for the next 20 years, you get to enjoy your share of the profits while contributing in bringing dignity back to our local farmers.

Since Pitahaya or Dragon Fruit is among the five most expensive and sought after fruits in the world, the communities surrounding Palaya Farm will be benefactors of sustainable and decent livelihood program for years to come.

Receive the complete and free information about the Pitahaya Contributor Program by filling up the form below.

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