Vannamei Aquaculture

Find Out How You Can Enjoy a
Reliable Source of Passive Income.
Through Shrimp Aquaculture.

This is a Modern Aquaculture Technology that Produces
10X More Volume at at a Lower Cost


While the World is in Lockdown, Palaya has been busy exploring a new Opportunity in Vannamei or Pacific White Shrimp Aquaculture.

If there is one thing we learned from the unprecedented global pandemic, Agriculture is the Number One Essential.

In fact, it has always been the Essential of all Essentials.

While most businesses have suffered and some have stopped to a screeching halt, the Demand for Food remains to Outpace Supply.

The need to find better ways to produce food is what drives Palaya to Innovate.

Palaya has discovered a tested and proven technology that can produce 10X More Vannamei at a Much Lower Cost.

If that wasn't impressive enough, this technology produces healthier Shrimps at a faster growth rate.

Reducing the Harvest Period from 100 Days to 75 Days (2 weeks faster) and will allow us to have more Harvest Cycles from 3 to 5 Cycles per Year.

Palaya is offering an opportunity for people who share our values to have a piece of the pie of this Innovative Aquaculture Business.

This co-venture offers modest but guaranteed returns even in the midst of a global pandemic because it addresses a very important threat especially during pandemics - Food Security.

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